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You're the only thing I know like the back of my hand

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This awesome Twilight layout was created at winsomewords Thanks for the awesome work!

In case you're wondering why I changed to milk_thief:

I love butterflies, and milk_thief is the english translation for the german word for butterfly.

One common yet erroneous explanation for this word's origin is that it comes from flutterby. What we do know, instead, is that this word is very old (pre-8th century). It was originally buturfliogæ, a compound of butere `butter' and fleoge `fly.' Why butter? Some suggest that it was due to many butterflies being yellow in color, like butter. Others believe it is based upon the yellow excrement of butterflies. Still others hold to the notion that butterflies were thought to land in kitchens and drink milk or butter left uncovered (this, interestingly, is supported by a German word for butterfly, milchdieb `milk-thief').”

Taken from: http://www.baylor.edu/lakewaco_wetlands/index.php?id=34621

I have to credit my kick ass kitty mood theme to girlboheme Thank you!

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My name is Beth
I'm 25
I'm married to Cory, who's 29
We have two furbabies, Casper and Dixie (cats)
We are TTC
We live in Florida
I'm from Virginia
I like Pink (the Color and the Artist)
I am unemployed
I went to college to be a counselor, but because of extenuating circumstances, I had to quit
I love coffee
I don't like hot tea
I love sweet tea
I love Diet Dr Pepper
I like doing laundry
I hate doing dishes
I hate being on hold
I don't like when I call customer service and reach an Indian accented person that I can't understand
I like Kelly Clarkson
I hate being late
I like CSI:LV and CSI:Miami, but not CSI:NY
I love to write, especially letters
I love to read, my favorite authors are Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult
I think the DVR is the best invention ever
I hate arguing
I love men's cologne, my favorite is Preferred Stock
I loathe smelling bad odors
I love my hair and eyes
I hate my feet
I feel that I am an honest person
I hate liars
My favorite holiday is Valentine's Day
I love all the seasons, because they each have something special about them
I have one tattoo, it's a tribal butterfly with flowers in it's wings, on my right shoulder blade
I have my earlobes and the cartlidge in my left ear pierced
The word "Divorce" has been metaphorically erased from my vocabulary
I like being a "home-body"
I don't like going to clubs or bars
I like to kiss and snuggle
I like to slow dance barefoot in the living room
I believe in God
I believe in angels and miracles
I like pepperoni on my pizza
I don't like onions
I collect butterfly and Eeyore things
I cry when my feelings are hurt
I like to laugh out loud often
I believe in second chances
I make mistakes
I like giraffes, monkeys, and baby hippos
I am pro-life
I agree with the death penalty
I have had my heart broken
My broken heart has led me to my sweetheart
I'm not too proud to say I'm sorry
I don't like racist people
My favorite car is a VW Beetle Post 2000
I like tomatoes
I hate peas
I like the idea of life long friendships
I don't do funerals
I tend to ramble, but I generally get to the point

If you like to read books and then tell what you think about them, you should join reviewsalone It's a great community! I had an image to put along with this shoutout, but I forgot how to do it :( Sorry! Just Join! :D